If you are an Actor or Stunt performer that need to learn reactions, kicking, punching and all the tools to make amazing movie fight scenes or you simply want to learn Chinese Kung Fu you are at the right place.

The classes are taught by Fabien Garcia. Born in France, Fabien was barely a teenager when he started training martial arts. As he wanted to train with the best, he relocated to the famed Chinese mountain top monastery of Shaolin and later on earned a degree in Chinese martial arts from the Beijing Sport University. During his years of intensive training in China and early work as a stuntman, Fabien was one of the founding member of the Z Team, the first foreign martial action team based in China. He directed and starred in a series of short films which received several international film festivals nominations, garnered over a million hits online and consequently saw him won the "Male Action Performer" Award at the California-based Action on Film International Festival (AOF).

In 2009, Fabien made the move to Los Angeles where he formed the production company Z Team Films, LLC. He directed and starred in action/martial arts feature film Die Fighting distributed in North America by Gravitas Ventures and Internationally by Lighthouse Pictures. Fabien’s work on Die Fighting was awarded "Best Fight Choreography" and nominated for "Action Film of the Year" at the 2014 AOF International Film Festival and also received The Action Elite Awards 2014 in the following categories: "Best Action Movie Director of 2014" and "Best Fight Scene of 2014" and was nominated for "Best Action Movie of 2014". Currently, Fabien is writing the post-apocalyptic action packed feature film project Drained World which he is set to direct and starred in.